Identify and Overcome Polyethylene Supply Chain Challenges

Explore common supply chain challenges revealed through hours of PE converter interviews.

To understand the supply chain challenges converters face, Shell Polymers spent hundreds of hours interviewing converters across the country. Based on these conversations, we learned the job can include anything from coordinating with polyethylene suppliers and making advanced forecasts, to negotiating prices and managing the supply chain.

We also discovered that project execution is one of the most common challenges because it can be difficult to coordinate with some polyethylene suppliers. That’s why we’ve proactively created solutions to eliminate these issues for Shell Polymers customers.

Shell Polymers is creating more seamless supplier relationships with:

  • Timely status updates
  • Advanced analytics Technology
  • Reliable forecasting
  • Technical expertise

Download the eBook and discover the solutions Shell Polymers has created to overcome the supply chain challenges converters face everyday.

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