Procurement & Product Development Teams Can Stay On Top of the Latest Trends

What do converters need to know to help achieve business success in 2023? The answer is “plenty.” Luckily, Shell Polymers is here to help with the latest edition of our annual Trends Report, which illuminates the past, present, and projected future of the polyethylene market.

This Year’s Trends Report Includes Info On:

Emerging Headwinds & Opportunities

  • What trends, difficulties and opportunities do converters face this year?
  • Which sectors are slated for growth?

Converter Challenges

  • How are resin supply disruptions affecting converters?
  • How can converters build resiliency against economic uncertainty and inflation?

Sustainability Trends

  • How do sustainability commitments improve business performance?
  • How does circular polyethylene help create a more sustainable plastics industry?

Download the Trends Report to identify how these insights can steer your business in the right direction this year.

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