Maintain a Competitive Edge With Insights into Food and Beverage Trends

Plastic packaging is helping drive the 4% CAGR growth in the food and beverage sector

With consumer behaviors rapidly shifting due to COVID-19, food and beverage manufacturers are finding ways to leverage polymers to decrease food waste, reduce production and shipping costs, and create more consumer-friendly final products.

Sharing industry expertise is key to unlocking innovation and maintaining a competitive stance in the food and beverage industry. Dive into consumer trends impacting converters such as:

  • Increased sale of packaged food and beverages by 29% in 2020
  • Smart technology in packaging that create a comprehensive, smart consumer experience
  • The use of flexible packaging to increase shelf life and eliminate food waste
  • Innovating packaging to better accommodate shipping services such as meal kits and grocery delivery
  • Designing packaging to improve consumer transparency of ingredients and contents

Download the report to identify the five consumer trends impacting the food and beverage industry and how they will affect plastic convertors moving forward.

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