Real Ationships

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Nope, not a typo.

It’s a world where you’ll whisper “that went well” after a supplier call…and actually mean it. It’s an account manager listening to your unique business needs. It’s our answer to the supplier status quo you might be used to and a pinky promise that we’ll do better.

In short? Realationships are built on trust and transparency, bringing your big ideas to life and—above all else—being real.

Read on to learn more real steps we’re taking and the Realationships we’re building.

Let's make it real.

Whether we’re turning your big ideas into reality or constructing a new plant, we’re no

stranger to building from the ground up.

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Slide through to see our polyethylene plant in action.

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Let's be real.

No matter their area of expertise, our people will always bring

transparency to the table.


Technical Service Engineer

It’s important to understand a customer’s finished product and performance needs—that way, we can work together to develop new materials. Whether it be leveraging our Realationships with Penn College to help train the industry workforce or developing resins to fit their needs, offering converters more than polyethylene is what stands us apart.

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Logistics Manager

We always want to be honest, authentic, and timely. Our teams have a sincere desire to be a part of our customers’ success and we continually work to put ourselves in their shoes.

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Real quality

starts here.

From rigorous testing to qualifying and more, a lot of behind-the-scenes work goes into creating consistent HDPE and LLDPE you can trust.

Our polyethylene

Let's get real

How can Shell Polymers best deliver value to your business in this ever-changing polyethylene industry?