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Man in technical gear in front of a chart and plastic bottles.

Tracking 2024 PE trends and opportunities

Sustainability, societal expectations, and supply issues are shifting opportunities and risks for converters and brands alike. Here’s what our experts say you need to know.

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What’s inside?

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Chapter 1


The circular economy remains an overarching driver of industry change, and plastic circularity presents a growing opportunity.

Chapter 2


Polyethylene innovation is keeping up with a changing world and evolving consumer and brand demands in novel yet effective ways.

Chapter 3


The plastics industry’s chronic skilled labor gap is rapidly closing, as shortages are moderating and employment is growing.

Chapter 4

Key takeaways

From circularity to new innovations to a robust supply plan, we'll review how converters can navigate through 2024.

Find your place amid change

Converters can either spot and leverage growing trends, or risk getting passed over in a changing landscape. Awareness of what’s driving the plastics industry and market change in 2024 is a must for converters to survive and thrive in the years ahead.

Download this year’s Polymer Trends Report to get a better understanding of the issues, roadblocks, and opportunities stemming from industry evolution that plastics professionals must know to succeed in 2024 and beyond.

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